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Making the Marginalized Matter

The struggle for equal outcomes among disaster victims is getting spotlit by a whip-smart team of tar-heeled college students supporting the Coastal Resilience Center.

Shawn Brown, Shelby Clark, Celia Furlow, Madeline Leung, and Ethan Williams debuted data late last month on the disparate dispositions of hurricane survivors across North Carolina.

The five undergraduates presented their findings to finalize both their public policy coursework at UNC-Chapel Hill and their guided collaboration with a principal investigator at the CRC.

That investigator is Dr. Cassandra R. Davis, whose landscape study on disaster resilience offers a framework to federal agencies for mitigating hazards within marginalized communities.

The CRC distributes funding from the Department of Homeland Security to investigators like Davis for the purpose of fostering and facilitating resiliency in areas affected by coastal hazards.

Projects made possible by that funding provide ample opportunities for budding scholars while promoting practical ways to assess and address shortfalls in shoreline adaptation strategies.

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