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Taking Our Next-Gen Resilience Planning Tool Online

Assorted action plans on the books of communities across the country are often so compartmentalized that coordinators struggle to connect them. This problem stymies regional resilience by dividing efforts and resources that are more useful when unified.

The Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard (PIRS™) helps local officials handle those issues by giving them a powerful new way to analyze and synthesize their activities. This tool also identifies potential response shortfalls by stacking multiple plans.

Dr. Phil Berke and his team of mitigation experts continue to perfect PIRS™ as organizations like the American Planning Association integrate it into their operating procedures. Coastal municipalities in multiple states are already benefitting from this evolution.

Development of PIRS™ is funded by the US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate through the Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence. Learn more about how this tool helps limit local vulnerabilities at

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